The band - Nemo

Six old friends who have been shattered across the world in various international acts for years, decided it was time to spend some time making music together. Tommy had the songs and the studio and everyone was excited about the project. The songs were recorded without any expectations or previous made arrangements. They have a "plug in and play" attitude and you can clearly hear the mix of 70's heavy rock influences. Most of the studio time were spent telling stories from the years of touring but eventually a number of rock solid recordings were completed, mixed and mastered.

Christer Mentzer - Vocals

Since 1968, Christer been playing music, as a vocalist he played with various of local bands in his home town and later moved to Gothenburg to play with bands there. Christer met Knorring 1983 and Knorring was mighty impressed with the voice sp they ended up forming a band. His voice have travelled within a number of bands since 1968 such as; Expressen, Valfritt, Pyramids, Imperium, The Great Family Orchestra, Chris Mentzer Group, Norden Light and Silver Mountain. He's been playing live in a number of countries such as Japan. 1989 he took a pause just to be picked up again 2002 by his old friend Mats. Today, Christer works with Nemo.

Tommy "Natta" Johannesson - Guitar

Since the age of 14, Tommy been playing rock music with his guitar - thats quite a number of solos. He has plenty of influences such as Hendrix, Clapton, Jeff Beck, Richie Blackmore, Jimmie Page, Gary Moore etc. But there is also a broader variety of influences in the songs he compose, from Beatles to Metallica or Muddy Waters to Yes. His past experiences are with groups such as: Motvind, Nationalteatern, Ensamma Hjärtan, Natta di Besatta, Ulf Dageby, Gunnar Danielsson, Cecilia Vennersten etc. With most of these bands he recorded an album. Besides his guitar playing, his past also contain the work of a studio musician, producer and arranger.

Ulf Widlund - Bass

Ulf Widlund started playing bass in the mid 70's inspired by the bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Uriah Heep. During the late 70's he played, recorded and toured with local bands in Gothenburg and eventually met Mikael von Knorring. In the early 80's he pursued a career as a professional musician and ten years later he played with Ulf Lundell, one of Swedens most famous and top selling artist. During the years he has worked with acts like Trash, Baltimore and the Swedish cult band Lädernunnan. He's also been involved in projects with David Bowle side man Mick Ronson, Ultravox guitarist/vocalist Midge Ure and euro pop mega producer Peter Waterman. Ulf is also an appreciated music teacher and among his students is Martin Sandvik of Hardcore Superstar, Daniel Cordero of LOK/Rallypack and Pieter Verdoes of Her Majesty.

Michael Von Knorring - Drums

Early in his life, starting from age one his father posed a big influence by playing drums which then Knorring took up and 14 years later he started with his first lessons. Even if the lessons did teach him how to play drums, they didn't include rock music, he eventually learned to play rock with the help of himself. Knorrings past includes experiences such as; Public, Annelie Ryd'e, Norden Light. 1989 Knorring took up company with Yngwie Malmsteen on the Ecplipse album. Later he joined Fire&Ice, Edge Of Time and today V-Kom and Nemo. Nowadays he does recordings with various bands and plays with a local band live at various MC clubs.

Mats Börjesson - Keyboard

This cantor, born 1977, has skills with both the piano and organ. Originally from the town of Varberg in Halland, Sweden. He's currently working musicially within a parish but also does freelancing and plays among a few bands. In and around he spent about eight years practising in a musician school, played with two musicals such as two productions of Jesus Christ Superstar. He have also been in two larger bands and many various smaller bands with all kinds of sounds, covering from jazz to funk and pop etc. His musical influences come from Rainbow, Deep Purple, Elton John, Robert Wells and Charlie Norman. On the keyboard his hardrock influence mainly comes from Jon Lord and is followed by a number of musicians such as Jens Johansson, Tony Carey, Mats Olausson and David Rosenthal.

Mats Olausson - Keyboard

Born in Gothenburg-Sweden 1961. At an early age he started to jingle around on the piano in his family home. At the age of seven he began taking formal piano lessons. Starting with the basics, and later moving on to more complex studies. These were mostly classically oriented. As a teenager, he went through the usual period of playing with different band mates in someone's basement or garage. His influences back then were bands like ELP Genesis and Yes. So naturally they tried to sound like these bands, as much as possible. A few years later he hooked up with the band Motvind, and started touring and recording with them. Through most of the 80's, he was living in Stockholm working as a session musician, with lot's of different artists and bands. In 1986, he was touring with Jean Beauvoir in the US opening for Eurythmics. He also did one album with Jean B. titled "Jackknifed". He joined Yngwie Malmsteen late 1989 and became a member of his band for almost 12 years.

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